Book review: Indelible by Karin Slaughter @SlaughterKarin #bookreview #crime

A trip to Slaughter’s website promises “stories that get under your skin”, and I can’t help but agree. Indelible is the fourth instalment of the Grant County series from the author and it doesn’t disappoint.

A brief background of the series for anyone who hasn’t read the others yet;

Sara is the town’s paediatrician and part time coroner. Jeffery is her on-off husband who is also the chief of police, meaning their paths cross often especially when they don’t want them to. They are on and off more times than… the latest celebrity couple that are on and off all the time?! (Perhaps I need to read Heat magazine!) Despite this- it doesn’t get boring. Being very well written, rather than becoming tiresome, I find myself wondering what’s going to happen next in their relationship.

Sara and Jeffery work together on a number of high-profile and somewhat gruesome murders in the town. Having read some of Slaughter’s standalone novels, I would say that this is a common theme so I wouldn’t say she is an author for the faint hearted. Again, the gory detail is extremely well written, not just thrown in for shock value.

Back to ‘indelible’. This instalment sees Sara and Jeffery embroiled in a high-stakes hostage situation. Throughout this drama, memories of a trip to Jeffery’s home town 12 years earlier is at the forefront of Sara’s thoughts as she begins to suspect the hold up wasn’t a random act. In the previous 3 books, I have found Jeffery to be quite an enigmatic character; a closed book, so an insight in to his background was welcomed. It also gave the reader an understanding of why the 2 characters are so intrinsically linked no matter what happens. Whilst there is a strong focus on their relationship in this story, it is still essentially a crime novel. Jeffery’s best friend is a suspect in a brutal murder and there are questions from Sara as to whether Jeffery has altered crucial evidence…

The transitions between past and present are smooth and easy to follow. An excellent instalment of the Grant County series from Karin Slaughter. Strongly recommended.

Karin Slaughter

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