Book Review: Ripples by Meaghan Rauscher (Droplets Trilogy) #bookreview #mermaids #bookblogger

This is the 2nd instalment in the Droplets series from Meaghan Rauscher. If you’re yet to read the first one, don’t worry I won’t include any spoilers.

The main protagonist is ‘Lissie’, a 17 year old girl who lives near the coast and works in her family’s seafood restaurant. In the 1st book she is transformed into a mermaid against her will by Morven; a Merman who wants her to do his evil bidding.

The story is good and the characters are likeable. I will be reading the final instalment to see what becomes of them. There is however, a big BUT. I read the kindle version and have been distracted by the amount of grammatical errors. Now, I’m no expert but I found that errors involving ‘their/there’ and some questionable comma use were difficult to overlook and in turn it became difficult to enjoy the story.  I just feel that the author, who has obviously put her heart and soul into this trilogy, should have spent more time editing the final draft. 

So… would I recommended reading the ‘Droplets’ trilogy? Yes. It has potential with a strong storyline and likeable characters. Hopefully the errors will be revised sooner rather than later. 

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