Book Review: The Exorcist by William Peter Beatty #bookblogger #amreading #books

I decided to read The Exorcist, first published in 1971 as I’d been reading lots of crime novels and wanted something to break things up. Having watched the 1974 film as a teenager, I knew the basic premise, which I think was what put me off in the past; I don’t like knowing what happens in a book.

So… The Exorcist… even though I kind of knew what to expect and knew many of the more famous scenes well, the book still managed to draw me in. Not only that, I was frequently shocked and I can honestly say the book affected me. Now, I find that to be quite a feat considering I knew the story. Reagan’s plight was heart wrenching and at times, stomach turning! To say the book affected me is somewhat of an understatement to be honest. One night I actually slept downstairs with the light on until my partner came home at 2 in the morning. (Situation not helped by my dog, who kept randomly growling at the corner of the room! 😱)

For anyone who has been putting off reading The Exorcist… just read it! Although it’s certainly not for the faint hearted!

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