Book review: Faithless by Karin Slaughter @SlaughterKarin #amreading #bookblogger #InspireReadWrite #bookreview

Another instalment of the Grant County series, catching up with Sara Linton and Jeffery Tolliver. This time, they stumble across a young girl who has been buried alive. The girl is from a family with strong, almost cult-like beliefs who react in a variety of ways to having the police in close proximity. Lena, Jeffrey’s colleague, has her own demons to face throughout the story and puts the case in jeopardy. Despite knowing what she has been through, I personally find Lena to be a troublesome character and I am waiting for her to redeem herself!

Although the focus of the story is the crime and the efforts to bring criminals to justice, I still enjoy the trials and tribulations of Sara and Jeffery. This time, Jeffery is confronted with his own health scare, whilst Sara supports him and delves in to her mum’s personal history.

There is only one more book in this series and I almost don’t want to read it because it’s somewhat comforting knowing that I have a good quality series to fall back on!

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