Book Review: The doll house by Phoebe Morgan @Phoebe_A_Morgan #amreading #bookblogger #bookblog #bookreview


This kept popping up on my recommended reads since its release in September 2017 and I finally had time to read it over the Christmas holidays.

The main protagonist is Corinne. She works in an art gallery and together with her partner, Dominic, has tried IVF 3 times to no avail. She has also lost her father quite recently. When she starts to suspect that someone is planting pieces of her childhood doll’s house to unsettle her, Dominic and her family think that things are getting on top of her.

I liked the fact that Corinne’s sister Ashley is also dealing with her own issues throughout the story. Whilst Corinne’s viewpoint is written in first person, Ashley and Dominic’s viewpoints are in third person. I enjoyed seeing the story from the viewpoint of different characters and thought this was a nice touch.

The tension steadily builds throughout as what Corinne is dealing with becomes more and more threatening. Or is she reading too much in to innocent occurrences?

Great twists which I didn’t guess – would recommend giving this debut a read.

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