Book Review: The girl who lied by Sue Fortin @suefortin1 #amreading #bookblog #bookreview


What was once an uneasy teenage friendship changed into a lifetime of bitterness and hatred for main protagonist Erin and schoolfriend Roisin when a fatal accident bound them together.

Erin thinks she is happy living her new life in London until it is turned upside down when she has to return to Ireland. Her father has been in an accident and she needs to be beside her mother and sister. Roisin recently got back in touch, so now Erin is forced to face her past.

Erin is desperate for her secret to remain buried but Roisin, who claims to know all about it, is determined that it should be out in the open. When Roisin goes missing, Erin is under intense scrutiny…but would she really go this far to keep her secret buried?

The book starts with Erin being contacted by Roisin while she’s at work in London with her boyfriend. This immediately had me asking questions.

Who is Roisin?

Why did Erin leave?

Is there really a secret or is Roisin a fantasist?

I found this to be a great opening, leading me to go from a quick 10 minute read to sitting for over an hour and finding myself several chapters in! I found myself asking more and more questions as the story progressed, the answers just out of reach.

The narration changed between first person (Erin) and third person. This worked well and I felt allowed me to really relate to Erin. Roisin remained a question mark to me throughout the book. I found myself flitting between wondering if she really did know something to thinking that she was mentally unstable.

The other characters were well rounded and believable, portraying a great story of family dynamics. I particularly warmed to Kerry – who I found to be a breath of fresh air and added a touch of romance.

A great book from Sue Fortin – will continue to source more from this author.

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