Book Review: The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter @SlaughterKarin #amreading #bookblog #bookblogger

Karin Slaughter the good daughter

After suffering complications after the birth of my baby in February, I was left with detached retinas and limited eyesight. Once I had recovered I couldn’t wait to start reading again. I wanted a book that I knew I would enjoy – a Karin Slaughter book was an obvious choice for me. I had finished the Grant County series so decided to read one of the standalone books.

The book starts 28 years in the past, when Charlie and Samantha Quinn lose their mother in violent, horrific circumstances. We then rejoin Charlie when she’s in her forties and is once again embroiled in a violent event with striking similarities to what happened to her as a child. This leads to the life she has built for herself beginning to unravel.

I personally found ‘The Good Daughter’ to be more of a slow burner compared to Slaughter’s other books. This helped me to get to know the characters in depth and to really care about them.

As usual with a Karin Slaughter book, the detail is gritty and at times, gruesome. Sometimes it’s almost hard to read – that’s the brilliance of it. Slaughter has a talent for making readers empathise with characters.

Amazon states that ‘The Good Daughter’ is ‘The best thriller you will read this year.’

I agree. The story is compelling and tense with a good pinch of Slaughter’s graphic detail for good measure!

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