Book Review: Diary of a Witch by Valeria Davila & Monica Lopez #NetGalley #DiaryOfAWitch #amreading #bookreview #bookblog #bookblogger #ARC #childrensbooks #picturebooks


This title is due to be published by Chouette Publishing on 28th August 2018. I read an ARC via NetGalley.

The initial premise of the book is what appealed to me initially- a story of a witch who is fed up of being scary and mean. She wants to change her life. Secondly, I love the illustrations. They are bright, detailed and humorous – I think children will have a giggle at a witch dressing up in a mini skirt and heels!

The book is written in rhyme – again, something I am a fan of, so in theory I should have loved this book.

Unfortunately, I felt there was something just not quite right. The rhyming couplets were a bit hit and miss. An example I found was ‘flowery and fairy’. Because of the inconsistent rhyming, I was unsure as to whether these were supposed to rhyme or not- and if they were… well they don’t!

Similarly, castle and hassle as rhyming couplets are lost on anyone who isn’t Northern! The content and the rhyme don’t seem to flow- neither is quite hitting the mark.

I feel as though I’ve been quite critical of this title, and while I think that it definitely needs some fine- tuning before publication, it still has potential.

Children will love the idea of a witch trying to be something she’s not. The rhymes need tweaking but again, children  will enjoy the rhythm this produces when it’s done well. Finally, the illustrations are this book’s saving grace. They are truly beautiful and it would be a shame if they weren’t published in one form or another.

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