Book Review: The Truth About Dinosaurs by Guido Genechten #TheTruthAboutDinosaurs #NetGalley #ARC #newrelease #autumn2018 #kidlit @clavisbooks

One of the things I think will appeal to children is that the narrator of the story is a chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus!). Not just a chicken- a chicken who is convinced he is a dinosaur. He goes on to try to convince the reader by showing a photo album-a family heirloom packed with pictures of his ancestors.

The photos are detailed and funny – one of my favourites was the ‘scan picture’ of dinosaur eggs…perhaps adults will enjoy this just as much as the children! Saying that, children will delight in looking at the family photos and I’m sure they will notice something new each time they read it.

The text is littered with dinosaur facts such as T-Rex’s banana-sized teeth! Though from experience, die hard dinosaur fans may be left wanting, fact wise. Dinosaur books are always a hit, and I don’t think this will be an exception.

The Truth About Dinosaurs is due to be published on 11th August 2018 by Clavis Publishing.

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