Book Review: The Sister by Louise Jensen @Fab_fiction #bookreview #bookblogger #amreading

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I picked up ‘The Sister’ in a supermarket after I judged the book by its cover. (I know, I know.) Something about the cover design called out to me and I just knew it was ‘my kind of book’. A debut novel, I’d seen it on Amazon for a few months and I was intrigued, especially after the front cover promised ‘A brilliant twist you won’t see coming’.

The main protagonist is Grace, who initially I pegged as a somewhat whiny character. We know as early as the blurb that her best friend, Charlie, has passed away. What we don’t know however, are the circumstances surrounding Charlie’s death or what her final words meant.

It is this that torments Grace and her long-suffering boyfriend, Dan, until Anna arrives. Seemingly a breath of fresh air, Anna claims to be Charlie’s half sister and Grace wastes no…

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