Book Review: The Mirror and the Mountain by Luke Aylen @lukeaylen @LionHudson #TheMirrorAndTheMountain #NetGalley #amreading #bookblog

The Mirror and the Mountain is a story about Jonah and Summer, a pair of 11 year olds who get transported through a mirror in to a mystical land. When they arrive in Presida, a war-Torn land, they realise that the mirror has broken and they are unable to return home.

They embark on an epic journey to find a King – the only one who can bring restore to Presida and help Jonah and Summer to get home. Throughout their journey, they encounter many magical creatures; dragons, elves and dwarves.

I found this fantasy really appealing and had me thinking about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Not a bad thing at all!).

The story is littered with beautiful descriptions of Presida and characters you can invest in. There are also subtle Christian themes running throughout, emphasising good morals and teaching some life lessons along the way.

The book was described as a Teen / YA novel, although I think it was quite an easy read and would be accessible (and appropriate) for younger readers from around 8. That’s not to say that older readers wouldn’t enjoy it too… I’m 31 and thoroughly enjoyed it!

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