Book review: Rapture (fallen angel series #4) by J R Ward #amreading #bookblogger #JRWard1

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Although I haven’t embraced the Fallen Angel series as I have in the same way as The Black Dagger Brotherhood, I am still thoroughly enjoying the plight of Jim Heron.

This instalment sees Jim in another battle against Devina the demon. In each book, they have a target: a soul that needs saving. Previously, the targets have all been strangers to Jim, whereas this time it’s all a bit closer to home. Jim’s former boss, Matthias, is the target. The catch is that Jim and Matthias are not what you would call best buddies so this adds another layer to this particular story.

If you’re a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, I would definitely recommend giving this series a go. JR Ward’s witty style is evident throughout and you might even notice the odd mention of the odd Brotherhood character in passing!

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