Book Review: The Retreat by Mark Edwards @mredwards #theretreat #amreading #bookreview #bookblog #bookblogger

I’ve read all of Mark Edwards’ books as well as those co-written with Louise Voss, and I have really enjoyed them all. I kept seeing ‘The Retreat’ on various social media platforms and couldn’t wait to get started.

Lucas is the main protagonist and we hear the story from his viewpoint. He is a horror author who has had one best-seller and is worried about being a one hit wonder. To try and kick start his latest novel, he checks himself in to a writers retreat in Wales; close to where he was brought up. He is still getting over the devastating death of his partner, Priya.

The owner of the Retreat, Julia, is battling her own demons. 2 years previously, her husband drowned trying to save their daughter Lily. Lily’s body was never recovered, so Julia is living in limbo, refusing to mourn for a daughter she still believes is alive.

It soon becomes apparent that something is amiss at the Retreat. The authors start hearing voices, things go missing and writing appears from no where. A recurring theme of a town preoccupied with an ancient folk tale helps to add to the eerie feeling of the book.

I felt that it was a given that I would enjoy ‘The Retreat.’ What I didn’t expect was how dark and creepy it would be. It’s a psychological thriller with more than a pinch of traditional ghost story. So much so that it actually reminded me of the work of one of my favourite horror authors; James Herbert.

‘The Retreat’ was well written, gripping and more than a little scary! There was lots of twists and turns so that I couldn’t guess the ending even though I had fun trying!

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