Book Review: Diary of an Ogre by Valeria Davila ; Lopez #ARC #NetGalley #DiaryOfAnOgre #bookblog

I read this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest Review. Due for publication 23.10.18. 17 Pages, age 3-6 years.

When I saw this title, I was immediately intrigued. Not just because of the fantastic illustrations, but because I reviewed another book in this series; The diary of a witch. (See previous posts).

Unfortunately, I was similarly disappointed with ‘Diary of an Ogre.’

Once again, the idea behind the book is a good one. Children will love the idea of an Ogre not quite doing what he is meant to do. They will also surely love references to burping and not changing underwear.

However, like in the previously mentioned title, the rhyming couplets used simply don’t work. Having looked in to it, I have learnt that these books have been translated in to English which in hindsight makes complete sense although still doesn’t help when reading in English!

The rhyming feels unnatural and forced and would have perhaps been better left out altogether. Why not write it as a straight forward diary? The pictures are so good that you almost don’t need any text. Perhaps it would work well as a picture book where children make up their own story.

Apparently there are others in this series, but unfortunately I won’t be reading them unless something is done about the (non) rhyming. It’s such a shame as the illustrations are superb.

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