Product Review: Cosy Candles

I’ll start by saying that I don’t usually do product reviews – I tend to stick to books, but when I received my box of wax melts, I simply had to share my experience!

I have used wax melts for a while but have fell out of love with some of the big brands recently, finding their products to be overpriced without necessarily providing the expected quality.

Cosy Candles are a relatively new company who provide customers with a monthly subscription of soy wax melts straight to your door. Don’t worry; There isn’t a lengthy contract involved and you are free to cancel after 3 months. You can also buy one-off boxes and gifts.

A big plus for me is that they are quite local to me in Suffolk- I like to champion local businesses. Also, a visit to their website provided a good look at their products and a personal feel which I loved.

Soy Wax is 100% natural, suitable for vegans/ vegetarians and isn’t tested on animals. The products are also safe around pets and children. Add this to the recyclable packaging you receive the melts in and you see that there is little impact on the environment- music to my ears!

So… let’s get to the actual products! Cosy Candles stock twin wick candles, heart-shaped ‘mini melts’ and the larger ‘Cosy Pods’ which is what I will be reviewing.

The pods arrive in a white box with yellow string tied around- a nice decorative touch.

All of the monthly subscriptions are delivered in boxes which fit through your letterbox so you won’t have to stay in or take a trip to the post office if you go out. I hate going to the post office so this is GENIUS!

The pods are wrapped in sunshine yellow tissue paper which is secured by a Cosy Candle sticker. Again, this adds to the personal feel & shows attention to detail.

Now… I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I realised that you receive surprise scents every month. I know the scents that I like, so not being in control of the choices made me a little worried! However, I was like a child on Christmas morning while I was opening the box; I couldn’t wait to see which scents were in August’s ‘summery scents’ collection!

I received: citronella, raspberry ripple, gardenia, ocean breeze, green tea and Baltic Amber & clove. I was immediately drawn to the raspberry ripple, although also liked the smell of Baltic Amber and clove – one that I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself which taught me to trust the experts at Cosy Candles!

A little note about the size of the Cosy Pods… they are massive!

Each of the pods last approximately 80 hours – that’s around 480 hours of delicious scent each month and such good value for money!

I decided to start with the scent that I was least drawn to – Green Tea. Within minutes a beautiful, fresh scent was wafting around my house. I was so surprised at how much I liked the smell as well as how far the aroma travelled – I could smell it upstairs!

You can see the amount of Cosy Pod I put in my burner in the photos. That was yesterday evening and I have been burning it consistently this afternoon and it’s still going! The only problem is my tea lights don’t last long enough! 😂

So, would I recommend Cosy Candles? 100%. Service was quick and friendly, and the products were even better. I will definitely be visiting Cosy Candles for gifts for others (and myself!) very soon.

Go and see the great products for yourself at Cosy Candles x

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